Periskal radar overlay

Periskal Radar Overlay is the best product for navigation on inland waters. The electronic chart and radar image are integrated into one image. This offers a perfect picture for navigation. Periskal Radar Overlay is a further development of the Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer, our basic navigation software used on more than 5000 inland vessels.

The product is distinguished by its simplicity in operation and clarity. The Periskal Radar Overlay works just as well in Zeeland, on the Rhine as in port areas. The radar image is saved so that you can fully replay the situation in case of any incident.

Tresco ECDIS Viewer
Tresco ECDIS Viewer

The benefits of the Periskal Radar Overlay:

Equipped with conning screen as standard. This is a second screen on which all kinds of extra information such as GPS info, AIS info, etc. Standard equipped with an AIS overview on an extra chart that is integrated in the conning screen. If all inland shipping has AIS, it is impossible to see all information on one screen. It’s no problem with the Periskal Radar Overlay. Original radar image and integrated image with chart / AIS can be separated. This way you always keep an overview of the traffic situation.

Double radar range possible. It is perfectly possible to set a different range for the radar itself and the radar overlay. For example, the skipper can set the radar to 800 meters and the radar overlay to 1200 meters. (analog radars)
The pad pilot Radio Holland option shows the pilot’s path to follow on the screen.

For the Periskal Radar overlay you need:

  • Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer on a modern Intel i7 computer with Windows 7,8 or 10 with a 19-inch screen (1280 × 1024), which can be set up vertically. For this you can use the radar display itself with modern TFT radars. The second screen is quite identical in size and arrangement.
  • Inland navigation radar (all modern radars are connectable)
  • Connection with GPS compass and possibly turn indicator

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