Cobham SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband: Perfectly Balanced and Connected Wherever You Are

With data speeds up to 284 kbps from a compact, lightweight and simple to install antenna, SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband is the perfect balance between performance and price. It gives you fast data connectivity and voice simultaneously, allowing you to run online operational systems such as remote monitoring, while still having access to e-mail, intranet/internet and multiple voice lines.

SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband harnesses the power of global broadband at sea making IP communication a cost-effective reality, anywhere in the world. You can provide the means for crew to keep in touch with friends and family whilst reducing operational costs by improving vessel efficiency with reliable data and voice communication.

SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband
SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband

System Includes:

  • 403050A-00501 SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband Above Deck Unit
  • 403738A-00501 SAILOR 250/500 Fleetbroadband Below Deck Unit
  • 403670A-00500 Thrane IP Handset incl. Cradle, Wired
  • 683738A-00500 Accessories f. SAILOR 500/250 BroadBand
  • 37-204567-025 Cable TNC-TNC 25m RG223/U
  • 673738A Accessories kit
  • 98-125645 User Manual SAILOR 500/250 Including 19″
  • 98-125646 Installation Manual SAILOR 500/250 Including 19″
  • 98-125647 Quick Guide/English SAILOR 500/250 FleetBroadband
SAILOR-250 Below Deck Unit
SAILOR-250 Below Deck Unit

A World of Applications, Simple and Secure Installation

In addition to complete office communication functionality, VPN and use of IP applications, SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband can be used for dedicated tracking and telemetry applications. This advanced functionality can enhance efficiency by ensuring your support on shore has all the information they need, from real-time engine data for maintenance to position data for fleet tracking and management.

SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband is fast and easy to install, so getting connected aboard a single vessel or an entire fleet is straightforward and cost-effective. The system is delivered with everything you need to get started in the box and because it is based on standard IP services.

Thrane IP Handsets- High Quality Voice

SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband can be transformed into a highly flexible multi-station voice solution, without the need for a separate PABX, simply by adding additional Thrane IP Handsets. With its intuitive user interface on a 2.2″ TFT color screen and state-of-the-art echo canceller and noise suppression software for excellent call clarity, you can add up to 16 rugged plug-and-play handsets anywhere on a vessel.


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