Competitively Priced Data Allowance Plans

Marlink Sealink Allowances comprise a choice of competitively priced data allowance plans for 2-4 voice lines, always-on Internet, email and IP-based services ideal for business and crew communications in one package.

With data allowance plans from 1 Gigabyte (GB) up to 80 GB per month, and data speeds of up to 6 Mbps, this low-cost Internet service is ideal for basic business requirements and for ship operators wishing to boost crew morale and optimize crew retention. As your business grows, our packages enable your VSAT to easily grow with you, since packages can be simply upgraded or topped up via our online portal.


  • Full transparency of usage and simple top-ups mean business never stops
  • Customs and harbour applications can be completed online and submitted via email
  • IP access to the Internet and corporate networks enables fast download of large data files and emails
  • Crew members stay connected keeping family and friends a phone call or email away
  • Flexible prepaid crew options for voice, email and web browsing on their own devices
  • Quick and easy remote support using the XChange Universal Remote Access (URA) tool
  • Easy, stand-alone or network compatible installation
  • 24/7 global customer support

Marlink Sealink Allowances


  • Unlimited broadband data up to 6 Mbps
  • Allowances of 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 or 80 GB per month
  • Monitor usage, set limits and alerts and easily top-up if needed via Portal360
  • 2-4 high quality voice lines
  • Packaged with industry leading 60 cm, 80 cm or 1 m antenna from Cobham or Intellian
  • Never turned off: traffic is throttled to a lower speed when quota is reached
  • Recreational crew internet and WiFi access with filtering capabilities
  • The most extensive global Ku-band coverage on the market

Featured products

Sailor 600 VSAT


Small, but perfectly formed, SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku is the most advanced 60 cm class Ku-band antenna available today.

Sailor 900 VSAT

SAILOR 900 VSAT Terminal

SAILOR 900 VSAT is an advanced maritime stabilized Ku-band antenna system

Sailor 800 VSAT

Sailor 800 VSAT

The SAILOR 800 VSAT is a standardized high-performance 3-axis stabilized Ku-band antenna system with an 83 cm reflector dish.