The SAILOR 800 VSAT is a standardised, high-performance 3-axis stabilised Ku-band antenna system with an 83 cm reflector dish.

Quick and easy to deploy, the new SAILOR 800 VSAT focuses on RF performance, G/T, which is >18 dB/K – a value equal to or higher than most other 1 m maritime VSAT antennae performance claims – yet it’s much smaller and lighter. This performance makes the new 83cm antenna suitable for vessels that would normally specify a 1 m antenna.

The new SAILOR 800 leaves the factory fully tested and configured, with all RF equipment preconfigured and installed. This reduces the time needed on board for installation, resulting in lower start-up costs for users.

83cm Dish performing as a larger antenna

Customers who would previously have specified a 1m antenna or who may have considered VSAT ‘too big’ for their vessel, can now install a SAILOR 800 VSAT and enjoy the benefits of a 20% smaller form but with the performance of a much larger antenna.

Always there. Everywhere.