Super-Light, scientifically designed, and software controlled, the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku is the ultimate compact antenna solution. By having superior RF and dynamics a SAILOR VSAT antenna does not loose signal in even the toughest sea conditions, even on smaller vessels.

With the advent of new powerful High Throughput Satellite (HTS) services, such as Intelsat EpicNG, smaller antennas can now deliver high throughput service within available Ku-band satellite footprints – now also globally (within all available Ku-band footprints). With an unprecedented G/T of 15.9 dB/K the new SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku is the most powerful 60cm class antenna ever built. Together with HTS, it can provide a stable, high throughput link to enable maritime broadband for any vessel in any Ku-band coverage.

Sailor 600 VSAT KU
Sailor 600 VSAT KU


  • Robust carbon fibre/aluminum design
  • Direct Motor Drive
  • Dynamic Motor Brakes
  • Re-use of HW modules and software
  • Built-in G-force counter
  • Automatic Azimuth Calibration
  • Automatic Line-up Feature
  • Integrated to all major modem technologies
  • Approved by Eutelsat, accepted by Intelsat
  • Single cable = Less complicated
  • In-expensive COTS TV Splitters
  • Mediator/Arbitrator NOT required!
  • Easy to install and configured in minutes
  • Switches within milliseconds
  • Redundancy
  • Maximum uptime
  • Independent of modem technology

Compact & Lightweight

SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku is designed for quick and cost-effective deployment. It is ideal for smaller vessels and because it weighs just 35 kg, it is possible to carry on board, making it especially relevant for installations where no cranes or forklifts are available. Dynamic Motor Brakes mean the radome can stay on during transport and no-power situations once installed, and because it is a super-light solution, it is more cost effective to ship, while a single part number ensures easy ordering.

A wealth of unique features enables unmatched ease and speed of installation, including a single cable between the antenna and below deck unit. P1dB compression over frequency means that antennas can be installed without contacting the NOC for commissioning. SAILOR antennas also feature Automatic Azimuth Calibration using modem Rx Lock, so they can find the ship’s centerline automatically, saving time during installation and reducing errors.

Scientifically Designed Dual Antenna Operation

SAILOR antennas are tested using real ship motion data in the world’s first Advanced Dynamic Simulator for antennas. Supported by alpha testing in the North Sea, this unique combination of a scientific approach and live testing to product development provides the confidence that SAILOR antennas will deliver the highest availability of service on any vessel type.

The SAILOR VSAT Technology platform enables two SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku systems to be operated on a single subscription, on a single modem, making it easier and less costly to ensure high availability of service. Uniquely, the advanced antenna controllers manage the connection between satellite and satellite router automatically, without the need for a costly and complicated RF interface unit.

Included in System

  • 407006C-00500 Above Deck Unit (ADU), incl. 65cm reflector, 6W BUC, 2x Multi-Band LNBs, OMT, Diplexer, Mounting Accessories.
  • 407016C-00501 Antenna Control Unit (ACU) for 19″ rack mount (1U), AC powered.
  • User & Installation Manual.
  • AC Power cord.
  • NMEA Multi-plug.
  • 2x 1m 75 Ohm coax cable TX/RX ACU-VMU.
  • Ethernet cable.

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