Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Inmarsat FleetBroadband provides cost-effective broadband data up to 432 Kbps and voice simultaneously through a compact antenna on a global level. Based on the BGAN network using 3G standards, FleetBroadband provides you with a seamless broadband connection utilizing Inmarsat’s I-4 satellite constellation. With FleetBroadband you can access email, surf the web and run operational systems remotely, while our solutions enhance the service with cost-effective tools for your daily communication and administration needs.


Enjoy faster & more cost-effective data: You can access email, surf the web and run operational systems remotely at the same time as making phone calls.

  • Standard IP: up to 432 Kbps over a shared channel, for email, Internet & intranet access and remote maintenance
  • Streaming IP: guaranteed on-demand data rates of up to 256 Kbps for live video/audio applications and 8 kbps and 16 kbps for voice over IP (VoIP) applications
  • Voice: up to 9 simultaneous voice lines for bridge and crew communication
  • ISDN: supports ISDN at 64 kbps for legacy applications
  • SMS: send and receive 160 character text messages
  • Coverage: available globally, except in polar regions


  • Simultaneous voice & data communications
  • High throughput speed up to 432 Kbps for seamless broadband connection
  • Up to 9 simultaneous telephone calls with Inmarsat Multi-voice service
  • Reliable equipment with a range of performance capabilities
  • Compatible with many crew welfare applications
  • Small terminals and compact stabilised antennas



SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband is a compact, lightweight, easy to install and affordable communication system that provides reliable internet access, email and multiple voice lines.


SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband offers data speeds of up to 284 kbps from a compact, lightweight and simple to install antenna.

Sailor 500

The SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband is designed for vessels and platforms with demanding requirements for connectivity. But despite its power, it is a compact, lightweight solution.

Digital Solutions

  • XChange: provides centralized voice, VoIP, data, internet access and optimizes communication management.
  • SkyFile® Mail: reliable, secure and cost-efficient data transmission via email, e-fax and SMS.
  • SkyFile® Anti Virus: full protection from malicious software such as viruses, spyware etc.
  • SkyFile® eNOAD: create & transmit regulatory forms, in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and national VMS.
  • Universal Card Go: prepaid voice calling, SMS, email & web usage – all in one card.
  • Fixed to Mobile Call Solutions: easy shore-to-ship calling.
  • Portal 360: Marlink’s online portal enables quick and easy monitoring at your fingertips.
  • Interconnect: connect your mobile satellite terminal to your corporate network in total security.


These maps represent expectations of coverage and does not guarantee service availability.

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