High quality antennas – Made in Norway

COMROD is a world leader in the design and manufacture of commercial marine antennas. All products are designed and manufactured to maintain exceptional performance while withstanding the rigors of the marine environment.

The antennas withstand 125 mph (55 m/sec.) winds and have a high life expectancy of at least 20 years. Attention to detail is paramount, thus ensuring optimum performance and reliability year after year under even the most extreme conditions.

COMROD’s antenna conductors are completely enclosed by polyurethane foam which firmly fixes them and prevents damage from vibrations. This also eliminates condensation, keeping the conductor corrosion free. The polished surface of the outer tube is covered by a flexible, UV resistant polyurethane lacquer for strength and durability.

COMROD antennas come complete with mounts and accessories.

Antennas are available covering the HF, maritime VHF, Cellular & Wireless LAN frequency bands. Multiband antennas are also available covering combinations of frequency bands. Special antennas are also possible.

Comrod Marine Antennas

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