Intellian I Series

The Intellian I series is a complete range of the world’s most versatile and dependable 2-axis marine satellite TV antennas

Easy Installation

With a single cable connecting the antenna control unit (ACU) to the antenna, installing Intellian’s I-Series is quick and easy. The advanced ACU requires minimum setup so you can begin viewing TV aboard your vessel in no time.

Intellian I Series TVRO Antenna

User Friendly Operation

The ACU with its alphanumeric display makes set-up and operation of the system simple and straightforward. All aspects of the antenna can also be controlled wirelessly via Intellian’s comprehensive, graphically based Aptus Mobile application, even from your iOS device.


WorldView ready, the Intellian I6 is ideal for larger yachts or commercial vessels traveling across different global regions. With its highly accurate satellite tracking capability, the I6 outperforms in all conditions.


  • 60 cm (24 in) diameter parabolic antenna for receiving Ku-Band satellite signals
  • Circular or linear polarization depending on region and LNB selected
  • Built-in HD module for Ku-band HD TV reception

Want to know more?

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