Furuno NX-300 NAVTEX Receiver

Economical – Paperless navtex receiver
The Furuno NX-300 receives NAVTEX messages and verifies the ID of received messages. It features two narrowband receivers, one tuned to the 518 kHz international Navtex frequency and the other to the 490 kHz domestic or local country frequency.

Every incoming message is identified, and new messages are read on the high-contrast 4.5” silver bright LCD screen, no paper is required. However, the message can be printed out via a PC interface

Furuno NX300


  • Reliable, uninterrupted reception of Navtex messages
  • Designed for small boats and Fishing Vessels
  • No consumables or paper required
  • Ultra-clear 4.5″ backlit silver bright LCD
  • 28,000-character memory capacity for message storage
  • Low power consumption
  • NAV Data Display mode
  • Multi-language menu

What is NAVTEX

NAVTEX is a worldwide coastal English language telex broadcast system. The broadcast stations transmit Navigational Warnings, Meteorological Warnings, Search and Rescue information and other data for ships sailing within their service range.

The service range is 200 to 400 nautical miles, depending on the terrain and station transmitting power. Messages are broadcasted every 4 hours. The NAVTEX service on 490 KHz is available in the UK, France, etc. using their own languages. The NX-300 features multi-language processing.

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