• Furuno

    DRS25A-NXT Solid State Radar

    The DRS25A-NXT is a 200 Watt Solid-State Doppler Radar with Target Analyzer and Fast Target Tracking.

  • Furuno

    DRS4D-NXT Solid State Radar

    The DRS4D NXT is a 24" Solid-State Doppler Radar with Target Analyzer and Fast Target Tracking for NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2

  • Furuno

    FCV 1900 Fish Finder

    The Furuno FCV 1900 fish finder delivers super clear view of fish targets!

  • Furuno, Maxsea

    TZ Coastal Monitoring

    TZ Coastal Monitoring is a coastal surveillance solution that incorporates Furuno Radar with MaxSea TZ Coastal Monitoring software and systems.

  • Furuno

    FAR-15×8 Marine Radar

    The Furuno FAR-15x8 marine Radar is a high-performance radar with Cat.2 (500-10,000GT) and Cat.3 (<500GT) support.

  • Furuno

    FAR-3000 Chart Radar Series

    Furuno Chart Radar FAR-3000 Series offers the reliable situation awareness and navigation safety by greatly enhanced target detection.

  • Furuno FCV2100 Split Beam EchosounderFuruno

    FCV 2100 Split Beam Echosounder

    By combining Split Beam technology with Furuno's TruEcho CHIRP™, we have simultaneously improved fish size measurement accuracy and achieved higher-resolution target images.

  • Furuno FR-8065 12.1″ Color LCD Marine RadarFuruno

    FR-8065 Color Radar

    The FR-8065 Color Radar is part of the FR-8005 Series radar it features state-of-the- art signal processing, which makes it easier to identify targets in heavy rain and poor visibility.

  • Furuno FA-170 AISFuruno

    FA-170 AIS

    Furuno FA-170 AIS is a Class A AIS transponder with a 4.3" Color LCD Display. It displays symbols for AIS-equipped vessels, AIS-SART's, coastal stations and other aids to navigation within VHF range.

  • Furuno


    Furuno DS-80 is a high-accuracy speed measurement for safe berthing & docking operations.

  • Furuno FS-1575Furuno

    FS-1575 & FS-2575 MF/HF Radiotelephone

    Furuno FS-1575 & FS2575: Reliable MF/HF Radiotelephone for general and distress communications with integrated DSC/DSC Watch Receiver

  • VR-7000 Voyage Data RecorderFuruno

    VR-7000 Voyage Data Recorder

    The Furuno VR-7000 records and stores all navigational data and bridge communications that can be used to investigate accidents.