TITAN-700 Intercom System

The Radio Zeeland DMP TITAN line is a completely new navigation line which combines proven techniques with the modern day technology. The TITAN line is based upon its predecessors, the Falcon and Sigma line and combines the analogue and digital techniques into an extremely versatile navigation line. The new TITAN line is suitable for the new build as well as the replacement market.

The TITAN-700 main unit is an intercom operating on a two-wire system, which can be connected to ten substations. This intercom system finds strength in simplicity, with intuitive controls and a basic layout. With all call functionality, selectable priority per channel and call possibility per channel, the TITAN-700 is a very complete intercom station.

Intercom main station

The TITAN-700 is an Intercom main station. TITAN stations with call-back option can be connected to the main unit of the TITAN-700 system. The system supports a maximum of 10 substations. The Intercom main station provides semi duplex communication with all substations and general call is also possible.


Call buttons can be added at the stations. This allows for the person who is located near the TITAN-750 intercom to be notified. Also the P-707 foot switch and the P -704 Goose neck microphone can be connected to the intercom system.


The selected channel is announced by the OLED display, which can be dimmed by the use of a the general dimming function.


The layout of the TITAN-700 is kept as basic as possible to from a quick overview of the activated stations.

Always there. Everywhere.