Radio Holland +LIBRARY

+LIBRARY is a digital technical catalogue of eBooks for use on board vessels. It manages all publications that are needed on board and displays them in a user-friendly environment. The E-library is easy to access and update and you don’t need to be online to use it.

Easy compliance

+LIBRARY makes compliance easy by keeping required technical publications updated on board at all times.

The shipping costs and administration associated with the maintenance of a paper collections are removed as there are no physical books to ship and the entire library is updated with the click of a button.

Key features

  • Full digital technical library easy to use and update online and offline
  • Logistics-free solution
  • New books added regularly
  • Instant ordering and filtered searching
  • IMO and Flag state approved
  • ISM-SMS compliant
  • Easily access certificates for inspections – no unlocking
  • Reduces administration on board & ashore.

Simple and easy to use

+LIBRARY is simple, very easy and intuitive to use. With one-click updating and filtered search results, it is quick and easy to find the information you need.

There is no need for additional work to make sure your vessel is flag state compliant, as Radio Holland +LIBRARY does this for you.

Authorized by Admiralty & Publishers

Radio Holland is an authorized Technical Solutions Provider & Distributor of Digital Products and Services of UKHO (Admiralty).

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CIRM Cyber Risk Code

Radio Holland fully adopts the CIRM Cyber Risk Code. The CIRM Cyber Risk Code of Practice sets out cyber security best practice for vendors of marine electronic equipment and services. This best practice is derived from both the marine and other industries. The Code presents a set of guiding principles that vendors may use towards the establishment of a provable chain of trust for a secure digital maritime environment.