Radio Holland +PLANNER

+PLANNER is an advanced marine data system for voyage planning, navigation and monitoring. It is a key enabler to e-navigation and a tool for vessels, shipping companies, engineers and consultants.

AVCS – ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service

+PLANNER offers a unique service for AVCS charts. It allows you to install and view existing charts or acquire charts via our Pay As You Need service and updates charts free of charge each week. Charts are instantly accessible and selected either individually by area or by route.

ADP –  AENP ADMIRALTY Nautical Digital Publications

+PLANNER displays the important information from ADPs & AENPs to support voyage planning and monitoring activities. Tidal predictions from ADMIRALTY TotalTide, List of Lights , ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals and Sailing Directions information is combined with AVCS charts and your routes to give an integrated view of the data in a single application.

Key features

  • High performance Chart Display Clear, fast, uncluttered display. Modern, user friendly interface.
  • Charting tools Overlay the chart with points, lines, areas, annotations and routes and exchange routes with ECDIS.
  • Automatically generated Routes Integrated routing using a database of distance tables and  thousands of ports worldwide.
  • Chart Management Purchase, download and display ENC charts. Generate standards compliant with S-57 exchange sets to update an ECDIS.
  • Tides, List of Lights and Radio Signals Overlay the chart with data from ADMIRALTY Digital Products.
  • Route Monitoring GPS and AIS inputs. Helming display, ETA, etc.

Add-ons for +PLANNER

Weather service: Get the latest weather data (actual and predicted) in +PLANNER to plan safe voyages.

NAVAREA warnings: Embed NAVAREA warnings into voyage plans to see warnings on your routes and avoid any potential danger.

Environmental module: ECA and Marpol zones are highlighted, so routes can be planned around the zones.

Passage planning: The passage planning tool allows you to easily share routes between the vessel, shipping companies, charters or Vento Maritime, to ensure safer navigation.

+PLANNER Route Optimizer: Optimize voyages by analysing planned routes against forecast weather conditions to keep vessels on schedule and reduce fuel consumption.

Authorized by Admiralty & Publishers

Radio Holland is an authorized Technical Solutions Provider & Distributor of Digital Products and Services of UKHO (Admiralty).

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CIRM Cyber Risk Code

Radio Holland fully adopts the CIRM Cyber Risk Code. The CIRM Cyber Risk Code of Practice sets out cyber security best practice for vendors of marine electronic equipment and services. This best practice is derived from both the marine and other industries. The Code presents a set of guiding principles that vendors may use towards the establishment of a provable chain of trust for a secure digital maritime environment.