Radio Holland eLOGBOOK

eLOGBOOK: Your Digital Solution for Easy Logbook Management

Experience the seamless transition from traditional paper logbooks to a digital, easy-to-use, compliant, and eco-friendly alternative with Radio Holland’s eLOGBOOK. Our advanced logbook system is designed to replace conventional paper logs, offering accuracy and completeness in a user-friendly package that meets IMO and MARPOL requirements, including the latest CII regulation reporting.

Key advantages

User-Friendly Interface:

eLOGBOOK’s intuitive design provides quick and easy access to multiple logbooks in one centralized location. The close resemblance to traditional “paper logbooks” ensures a familiar look and feel, promoting enhanced user friendliness and smooth operational adoption.

Key Features:

    • Increased Legibility: Say goodbye to unclear handwriting with our digital solution.
    • Intuitive Setup: Easy-to-use and set up, making the transition seamless.
    • Role-Based Access Control: Ensure security and control with role-based access to features and individual logbooks.
    • Efficient Log Entry and Approval Process: Streamline operations with an automated log entry and approval process.
    • ISM-SMS Process Facilitation: Simplify ISM-SMS processes for enhanced efficiency.
    • CII Reporting Compliance: Comply with CII reporting requirements effortlessly.
    • Logistics Efficiency: Eliminate the need for couriers – eLOGBOOK minimizes logistics by operating digitally.
    • Seamless Record Sharing: Share records effortlessly with shore operations, ensuring smooth communication.
    • Historical Records Export: Easily export historical logs to PDF for comprehensive record-keeping.
    • Selection of the most used logbooks: eLOGBOOK comes equipped with a comprehensive selection of the most used logbooks.

    Enjoy digital logbook

    Make the switch to eLOGBOOK today and enjoy a digital logbook solution that not only meets regulatory standards but also enhances operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Embrace the future of logbook management with Radio Holland.

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    CIRM Cyber Risk Code

    Radio Holland fully adopts the CIRM Cyber Risk Code. The CIRM Cyber Risk Code of Practice sets out cyber security best practice for vendors of marine electronic equipment and services. This best practice is derived from both the marine and other industries. The Code presents a set of guiding principles that vendors may use towards the establishment of a provable chain of trust for a secure digital maritime environment.