Radio Zeeland DMP is a manufacturer of qualitative, innovative and aesthetic maritime electronics. The company offers the complete solution for the inland shipping, yachting, shortsea and offshore markets.

Radio Zeeland DMP started in 1970 as a repair center for navigation and communication products. Over time the need for reliable and high-quality inland navigation products became clear. This triggered the focus on the development and production of navigation equipment for the inland shipping market. The core of the Radio Zeeland DMP portfolio is its own Rate of Turn gyro, which is complemented with a display instrument and several autopilot options.

Falcon Line Multi-display

User-friendly operation

By adding an echo sounder for shallow waters and other equipment, several complete product lines were created, with a specific focus on design, quality and user-friendly operations.

Radio Holland Netherlands is the European distributor for the Radio Zeeland DMP Inland Shipping product portfolio.

Over time, Radio Zeeland DMP has also accumulated experience as an OEM manufacturer. It offers development and production for all kinds of equipment used in the maritime industry, from engine control panels to (S)VDR and DP systems, with the familiar core values of Radio Zeeland DMP evident: design, quality and user-friendly operations.

Featured Products

Radio Zeeland

Falcon Multi-Display D1000

The Falcon II multi-display D1000 is the multi display for the Falcon line with an updated layout for better information presentation and reading

Radio Zeeland

TITAN 1100 Engine Data display

Radio Zeeland Titan 1100 unit is an engine data display unit that reads out two engines at the same time.

Radio Zeeland

TITAN 1000 Multifunctional Display

The Radio Zeeland TITAN-1000 unit is a multifunctional display with embedded software for various types of navigation equipment for the commercial shipping industry.

Radio Zeeland

Titan 550 Autopilot

The Radio Zeeland Titan 550 operating unit is one of the Radio Zeeland DMP autopilots.

Radio Zeeland

TITAN 300 Rate of Turn Indicator

The Radio Zeeland TITAN 300 is a Rate of Turn indicator set that can be set to two different ranges. By the touch of a button the TITAN-300 is set to a range of 90 or 270 degrees.

Radio Zeeland Seapilot 76
Radio Zeeland

SeaPilot 76

Radio Zeeland seapilot 76 is a multifunctional seapilot that can be turned into a fully approved combined sea and river pilot.