The THOR line is based on its predecessors – the Sigma, Titan and Falcon lines – and combines analogue and digital technologies in a versatile line of navigation products. The THOR line is suitable for both new construction and the replacement market.

THOR-120 Echosounder

The THOR-120 is an echo sounder, connected via a P-120 sensor interface to a transducer. The echo sounder can be set to 0-4 and 0-40 meters. Between 0 and 4 meters, an alarm can be set to warn the operator when the preset minimum depth is reached. The THOR-120 echo sounder is specifically designed for use in shallow water, making it the ideal depth gauge for commercial inland shipping. The information is indicated on an analog indicator and a digital indicator.

LED display

The small LED display in the middle below the analog meter provides a digital reading next to the analog meter for a quick and clear overview of the data provided. General information, feedback and functions are also indicated on the LED display.

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The THOR-120 system works with a P-120 sensor interface box and a transducer. The P-120 filters disruptions caused by air bubbles, making it possible to indicate depth with an analog meter.

Look and feel

The THOR instruments have a slightly lower top, so that an adjustable front can be added. These fronts are available in any color and lay-out you want. The fronts are available in Gorilla Glass or foil.


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