Marport Scala Trawl Monitoring System

Marport Scala trawl monitoring system collects, processes, stores and displays data sent from multiple sensors, sounders and other connected devices. It gives the user full control over their fishing operations.

In order to suit the working conditions, gear and sensor data type available, this monitoring system offers unparalleled flexibility. It is easily configurable, enabling you to:

  • Display up to four simultaneous echogram presentations on a single page.
  • Use drag and drop possibilities to customize your page layout.
  • Choose from existing gauges, histograms or 3D views or create your own layout with any – number of sensors displayable on screen.
  • Adjust windows and graphs according to your needs.
  • Compare data from equivalent sensors using multiple history plots.
  • Easily play back historical data
Marport Scala Trawl Monitoring System

Moreover, a key feature of Scala is that it is designed to meet tomorrow’s requirements:

  • It incorporates 3D simulation with bathymetry using a simple GPS data connection.
  • It has a range of standard data inputs and outputs.

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