FE-800 Navigational Echo Sounder

The FE-800 displays the clearance below the ship in dual frequency operation when interfaced with two transducers.


  • Dual frequency display (50/200 kHz) (When interfaced with two transducers)
    The depth at FORE and AFT positions can be displayed simultaneously.
  • A variety of display modes available: NAV, OS DATA and HISTORY
  • High contrast 8.4″ LCD
  • When interfaced with FURUNO remote display RD-20/50, depth information can be observed at a remote location
  • Optional printer interface available for printing out echogram
  • Connecting a PC with the optional data recording software allows operator to store, compile and print out the past data of the echogram via a PC
  • Bridge Alert Management (BAM) ready
  • Depth data for the past 24 hours is storable
  • Visual and audible alerts
    The FE-800 generates alerts when the water depth below transducer is shallower than a preset depth. When the seabed is lost due to the lowered power supply or out of range scale, an alert is generated.
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