The Furuno FMD-3005 ECDIS offers a user-friendly experience for navigating with electronic charts. Its advanced chart engine delivers smooth redrawing and minimizes latency, ensuring a responsive display.

Chart Compatibility:

The FMD-3005 supports a wide range of chart formats, including:

  • IHO/S-57 Edition 3 vector charts (official standard)
  • ARCS raster charts (electronic versions of paper charts)
  • C-MAP Professional (private chart service, not a replacement for paper charts)

Enhanced Navigation Safety:

For increased safety at sea, the FMD-3005 integrates with the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO). This feature provides access to crucial information, including:

  • Admiralty Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners (important updates)
  • Additional ENC preliminary Notices to Mariners (hazards not yet reflected in ENCs)

By combining electronic chart data with superimposed navigational information, the FMD-3005 allows for efficient and accurate route planning.

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Seamless Integration:

The FMD-3005 interfaces seamlessly with the FAR-2xx8 and FAR-2xx7 series radars via Ethernet. This enables functionalities such as:

  • Radar overlay on the ECDIS display
  • Target track information for enhanced situational awareness
  • Route and waypoint exchange between the ECDIS and radar

Operator Control Units:

The FMD-3005 offers two control unit options:

  • RCU-024 ECDIS Control Unit
  • RCU-026 Trackball Control Unit

Both units provide full access to ECDIS functions through a trackball, scroll wheel, and left/right click functionality.

Type Specific Training:

The FMD-3005 shares the same operability as the Furuno FMD-3100, FMD-3200, FMD-3200BB, and FMD-3300 models. Therefore, crew members with a certificate for type-specific training on any of these ECDIS models can operate the FMD-3005 without additional training. Download the Supplemental Letter for further details.

Upgrade your navigation with the FMD-3005 ECDIS and experience the benefits of:

  • Smooth and responsive chart display
  • Wide range of compatible chart formats
  • Enhanced safety features for confident navigation
  • Seamless integration with Furuno radars
  • Reduced training requirements for qualified crew