The SCANTER 2000 Series meets the requirements for professional VTS applications, where quality and durability is significant. With a Terma 18’ Compact antenna, it meets the IALA Standard recommendations up to 48 nmi. The transceiver also works with smaller antennas meeting requirements, typically for ports and VTS gap-filling.

The SCANTER 2000 Series Radar is an X-band, 2D, fully co­herent pulse compression radar, based on Solid State transmitter technology with digital software-defined functionality. The outdoor transceiver unit can be placed up-mast close to the antenna to minimize waveguide loss between antenna and transceiver.

SCANTER 2200 benefits

  • Based on Terma’s high-quality and state-of-the-art radar technology
  • Small and efficient – weighs only 26 kg
  • Easy integration – standard IP network
  • Low installation life-time cost

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The SCANTER 2000 radar series offers detection of small targets in all weather conditions.

It is especially suited for Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), river, and inner port surveillance. The outdoor transceiver unit is very small, weighs only 26 kg, and can be placed up-mast close to the antenna to minimize installation requirements and costs as well as waveguide loss between antenna and transceiver to acheive a highly efficient solution.

The SCANTER 2000 series provides a fully integrated solution with automated processing and low lifetime cost.