TZ Coastal Monitoring is a coastal surveillance solution that incorporates Furuno Radar with TZ Coastal Monitoring software and systems. With the technical partnership and expertise between Furuno and TimeZero, the Solution provides the best of coastal monitoring for any oil rig, sea farm, port, waterside facility and protected area.

TZ Coastal Monitoring Software

The best way to ensure the best monitoring is to have the best dedicated software for it. TZ Coastal Monitoring Software offers a variety of features concentrated into one single and easy-to-use interface providing information such as Radar, target tracking, tide and weather forecast, dual satellite and video monitoring view.

Fields of Application

Oil and Gas platforms

Comprehensive solution offering the best protection to the rig by preventing accidents with out-of-control Vessels, act of piracy or terrorism and extreme weather conditions which represent major threats to the platform both in safety and maintenance cost.

Fish Farms

For the safety of employees working on fish farms and particularly at night, for preventing acts of robbery, but also to monitor unknown vessels entering the area and potentially threatening lines and nets.

Ports and Harbors

In ports, the main danger comes from a risk of collision between ships and the traffic needs to be constantly monitored to avoid such unfortunate and deadly accidents. A Safe berthing and an efficient transport of passengers and goods cannot be guaranteed without a reliable monitoring.

Marine Protected Areas

To protect the ecosystem and preserve its fragile balance, it is vital to be equipped to deal with illegal fishing and anchoring and to monitor these areas in an effective manner.

Waterside Facilities

For the protection of coastal facilities and other critical areas that must be placed under strict surveillance to prevent acts of terrorism, to ensure the highest level of security and provide safety for the workers.

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