Sea Tel 9711 IMA

The Sea Tel 9711 IMA (Integrated Maritime Antenna) System combines a C-band circular/linear Switchable Feed, as well as a Ku-band cross/copol switchable feed with sub-reflector.

This combination allows switching from C-band operation to Ku-band operation electronically and eliminates the need to manually change the feed. The Ku-band sub-reflector has been designed to optimise the RF performance of the 2.4 m antenna. Software has been specially designed to switch from C to Ku-band operation in a matter of seconds.

Automatically switching networks

By eliminating the need to manually change feeds when switching between bands the Sea Tel 9711 IMA is incredibly cost effective. A technician is no longer required to be dispatched for making configuration changes, eliminating offline time for a vessel while switching between networks.

The user can make near seamless transitions from C band circular A Pol to B Pol, C-band linear, and Ku-band satellites.

Always there. Everywhere.