TKH Security

With over 25 years of industry expertise, THK Security has established itself as a trusted and reliable supplier of comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions in security management, video surveillance, camera's and asset & site management.

TKH is dedicated to providing exceptional products and services to a wide variety of market segments.

  • TKH Security

    BL2005v2M Bullet camera

    Capture every detail with the BL2005v2M, a cutting-edge 5-megapixel IP bullet camera designed to deliver exceptional image quality in any scenario.

  • TKH Security

    FD2005v2M Fixed Dome Camera

    The FD2005v2M 5-megapixel IP fixed dome camera is specifically designed to provide crystal-clear images in various maritime environments.

  • TKH Security

    SA-BL28 Outdoor bullet camera

    Your Reliable 2 Megapixel Stainless Steel Outdoor IP Bullet Camera for Maritime Surveillance

  • TKH Security

    SA-PD24 dome camera

    The SA-PD24 is a compact yet powerful 2MP outdoor stainless steel Pan/Tilt/Zoom dome camera is specifically designed to provide exceptional performance in demanding maritime environments.

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