• Oscar

    Competition 320

    The Competition 320 is especially designed for ambitious crews of sailing vessels with no compromise to functionalities.

  • Oscar

    Competition 640

    The Competition 640 is the top edge product for sailing vessels, developed and tested by the greatest ocean racers.

  • Oscar offshore 320Oscar

    Offshore 320

    The Offshore 320 is made for offshore sailing and blue-water cruising.

  • Oscar offshore 320Oscar

    Offshore 640

    OSCAR Offshore 640 provides superior safety for serious offshore sailors.

  • OSCAR Offshore OneOscar

    Offshore ONE

    The revolutionary all in one design: OSCAR Offshore One combines camera unit and data processing in one compact unit.

  • Tokyo Keiki

    TG-8100/8600 Gyrocompass

    The TG-8100 is designed for standard IMO-ship application whereas the TG-8600 is designed for High-Speed Craft application.

  • Radio Zeeland

    THOR-100 Rudder Angle Indicator

    The THOR-100 is a rudder angle indicator that can be used as a stand-alone unit in combination with the Radio Zeeland DMP autopilots, or as a repeater

  • Radio Zeeland

    THOR-120 Echo sounder

    The THOR-120 echo sounder is specifically designed for use in shallow water, making it the ideal depth gauge for commercial inland shipping.

  • Radio Zeeland

    THOR-130 wind meter

    The THOR-130 is a wind speed and wind direction meter that indicates the windspeed by an analog meter as well as digitally in m/sec or Beaufort.

  • Radio Zeeland

    THOR-300 Rate of Turn indicator

    The THOR-300 is a Rate of Turn indicator and can be used as a stand-alone unit in combination with the Radio Zeeland autopilots.

  • Radio Zeeland

    THOR-500 Compact Autopilot

    The THOR-500 is the compact autopilot of Radio Zeeland. This unit has a Rate of Turn indicator and rudder position indicator in the same housing.

  • Radio Zeeland

    THOR-550 Autopilot

    The THOR-550 is one of the Radio Zeeland autopilots and provide three ways to steer the vessel: Rate of Turn, follow-up steering and a second pilot