• TKH Security

    BL2005v2M Bullet camera

    Capture every detail with the BL2005v2M, a cutting-edge 5-megapixel IP bullet camera designed to deliver exceptional image quality in any scenario.

  • Bluetraker

    BlueTraker LRIT Transponder

    BlueTraker LRIT transponder is an easy-to-install satellite communication terminal that offers a reliable, true global Long Range Identification and Tracking solution for all vessel types.

  • Bluetraker

    BlueTraker SSAS Transponder

    BlueTraker SSAS transponder is a satellite communication terminal that provides a failsafe way of alerting a flag operator/professional SSAS management and monitoring services to a vessel in distress.

  • Captain's Eye

    Captains Eye

    Captains Eye provides real time alerts on safety, security and operational issues by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions into standard CCTV processing systems.

  • Sea.AI

    Competition 320

    The Competition 320 is especially designed for ambitious crews of sailing vessels with no compromise to functionalities.

  • Sea.AI

    Competition 640

    The Competition 640 is the top edge product for sailing vessels, developed and tested by the greatest ocean racers.

  • Skipper

    DL1 Speedlog

    The SKIPPER DL1 is a Single Axis Speed Log, working on the doppler principle, providing longitudinal ship’s speed (STW) and distance relative to sea water.

  • Skipper

    DL2 Speedlog

    The Skipper DL2 Speedlog, works on the doppler principle, providing ship’s speed and distance relative to sea water.

  • Furuno

    DS-85 Doppler Speedlog

    The DS85 is a new generation Doppler Speed Log that penetrates through turbulent water to provide incredibly accurate speed measurement.

  • Tokyo Keiki

    ECDIS EC-9000 Series

    The EC-9000 offers smart and safe navigation for modern vessels. It features a large touch screen and highly visible icons for intuitive and stress-free operation.

  • Skipper

    ESN100 Echo Sounder

    The SKIPPER ESN100 is a navigation Echo Sounder with a black box and a 9" touch display.

  • Skipper

    ESN200 Echo Sounder

    The SKIPPER ESN200 is a navigation Echo Sounder with a black box and a 9" touch display.