• Radio Holland

    +Planner voyage planning

    Radio Holland +Planner is an advanced marine data system for voyage planning, navigation and monitoring. It is a key enabler to e-navigation and a tool for vessels, shipping companies, engineers and consultants.

  • YDK Technologies

    CMZ900 Gyrocompass

    The CMZ900 gyrocompass has a space saving Modular design and the master compass can be integrated in the autopilot steering stand.

  • Radio Holland


    +LOGBOOK is a new way to manage logbooks on board by replacing traditional paper logbooks like Oil Record Book, Deck & Bridge, Compass Observation and others as required, with a e-logbook system.

  • Furuno

    FSV-75 Sonar

    The Furuno FSV-75 sonar is a state-of-the-art half-circle sonar for shallow water detection and offers an unparalleled image detail. The FSV-75 uses an innovative signal processing technology that radically increases the sensitivity over a much larger area.

  • Furuno

    GP-330B GPS Receiver

    The GP-330B is a high performance GPS Receiver designed for any type of vessel. This compact and cost-effective receiver offers extremely accurate position fixes

  • Koden

    KGP-922 GPS Navigator

    The KGP-922 GPS Navigator exceeds latest IMO resolutions and performance standards. It is very easy to install on all sizes of vessels. It is the most reliable and convenient retrofit solution.

  • Radio Holland

    Radio Holland E-Library

    +Library is the Radio Holland E-Library, a digital technical literature catalogue of eBooks for use on board vessels. It manages all publications that are needed on board and displays them in a user-friendly environment.

  • Cobham


    The SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku is the first of Cobham’s new generation of software-controlled antenna systems designed for quick deployment, operational reliability, simplicity, and best-in-class radio frequency (RF) performance.

  • Cobham

    SAILOR 7222 VHF/DSC CLASS A Radiotelephone

    The SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A is the most advanced SAILOR radio for demanding users operating within the SOLAS maritime environment.

  • Marport Door SensorsMarport

    Door Sensors

    Marport Door Sensors display an echogram presentation and communicates with the vessel through our narrow band protocol.

  • Furuno

    DRS25A-NXT Solid State Radar

    The DRS25A-NXT is a 200 Watt Solid-State Doppler Radar with Target Analyzer and Fast Target Tracking.

  • Furuno

    DRS4D-NXT Solid State Radar

    The DRS4D NXT is a 24" Solid-State Doppler Radar with Target Analyzer and Fast Target Tracking for NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2