BlueTraker LRIT transponder is an easy-to-install satellite communication terminal that offers a reliable, true global Long Range Identification and Tracking solution for all vessel types. A cost-effective solution with a long operating life offers vessel position information at predefined intervals and also on-demand position polling.

It configures and transmits:

  • Automatic Position Report (APR)
  • Identity of the ship
  • Position of the ship
  • Date and time of the position
  • On-demand position report polling
  • Pre-scheduled position reports
BlueTraker LRIT transponder

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For vessels that operate in the Polar Regions, BlueTraker LRIT Arctic is the world’s only LRIT terminal capable of withstanding the extreme cold of this environment including Sea area A4. The terminal with its unique double shell housing resists accelerated cooling in extreme environments from the wind chill factor. Its smart engineering allows operation and even cold start at temperatures as low as -50° Celsius!