Marport Door Sensors Family Includes Two Types of Sensors: Spread Sensor and Door Sounder.

Spread Sensors are placed on starboard and port doors and clump in order to monitor the spread of your trawl doors. They communicate with each other via an acoustic link. The Master sensor on the port door communicates with the Starboard and Clump sensors, then sends distance data to the vessel. Spread sensors also exist in smaller size to meet the needs of smaller trawlers: a mini Spread (stubby bottle) with a standard or slim housing.

Marport door sensors also monitor pitch and roll, water temperature and depth. This gives you a full picture of each door’s performance. For example, you can know if one of the doors falls flat during a tow or if doors are crossing over each other. Spread sensors can be installed on all types of trawling that use doors. Door Sounder sensor displays an echogram presentation and communicates with the vessel through our narrow band protocol. Door Sounder sensors can be installed on both doors. They are here to check that there is a steady distance between the door shoes and seabed. The latest generation is Door Sounder with target strength calibration: sensors are calibrated to all display the same colors for a given target.

Marport Door Sensors
Marport Door Sensors

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