Marport M6 acoustic receiver

The M6 is the latest addition to Marport’s acoustic receiver range. The M6 acoustic receiver has the same functions as the M4 system and is meant to replace it.

The Marport M6 acoustic receiver combines the latest digital signal processing with the most up-to-date developments in smart software. This means true multi-function channel operation, with a hundred sensor channels to guarantee all the coverage even the most comprehensive sensor array could demand, with full signal detection at the extremities of transmission range.

Marport M6 acoustic receiver


  • Marport M6 acoustic receiver works with the latest digital signal processing, combined with the smartest software available.
  • You can receive up to 100 simultaneous data from sensors. This way, you can have a full coverage of data received from sensors to efficiently monitor the trawl.
  • You can listen to 6 hydrophones simultaneously. Only data coming from the hydrophone delivering the best signal is interpreted. This way, you do not need a hydrophone selection switch, as often used in older types of receivers.
  • Thanks to the numerous hydrophones, you can have a better reception of the sensors.
  • You can receive data from standard sensors, net sounders and high-definition sensors at the same time.
  • Data received can be displayed on echogram images that you can watch from the wheelhouse.
  • There is a large frequency range. This way, you have enough bandwidth to add multiple sensors.
  • There are 2 NMEA and 4 NTC entries to receive hydrophones’ temperature data.

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