Tron TR30 AIR Emergency VHF AM radio

Tron TR30 AIR Emergency VHF AM radio is delivered complete with a sealed emergency battery, test battery, hand strap and a holder for the radio and battery. The robust design more than meets the typical maritime requirements.

The added advantage with this radio is that it floats with either battery. An innovative noise cancelling microphone filters background noise and includes a high output loudspeaker. This combination provides clearer communication with Air search & rescue services in extreme environments.

Required by:

  • SOLAS passenger vessels
  • Part of the MODU fleet (Mobile Offshore Drilling Units)
  • Polar Coded vessels

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  • User-friendly design
  • Optimized sound quality under all conditions – transmission as well as reception
  • Water-proof and floating with either battery (IP67)
  • FCC, RED, CE and MED-B certified


The Tron TR30 AIR radio handset can be used with several optional waterproof speaker-microphone accessories for hands-free use during noisy aircraft operations.

Tron TR30 Speaker Microphone
The Tron TR30 Speaker Microphone is waterproof.
Tron TR30 Carry Case
This neoprene protection carry case is designed for Tron TR30.
Peltor basic headset with headband MT74H52A
Peltor basic headset and headband MT74H52A with FLX2 cable is a noise canceling headset with speaker-microphone.
Tron TR30 Headset push to talk module
The Tron TR30 Headset push to talk module is a module with 4-pole nexus jack headset interface.