EML 224 Electromagnetic Speed Log

The SKIPPER EML 224 is a dual axis speed log, working on the electromagnetic principle, providing longitudinal and transversal ship speed relative to seawater. The EML 224 gives accurate navigation parameters, measured as they happen, and they are presented in a user friendly way.

Electromagnetic technology is considered a good low-end solution for speed log requirements. The dual axis system requires no calibration once installed.

The EML 224 measures the speed of the vessel through the water at all times and in any depth. The system includes a sensor mounted in a tank or Sea Valve. The display housing can be mounted anywhere on the bridge and a connection box can be placed in the most convenient spot.
The Skipper EML 224 presents the critical parameters on screen and can also be interfaced with bridge systems and repeaters. The EML 224 also shows the water temperature.

Always there. Everywhere.