DL 850 Speedlog

Doppler speedlog with transversal speed and docking

The SKIPPER DL 850 is a dual axis speed log, working on the Doppler principle, providing longitudinal and fore/aft transversal ship speed relative to the seabed or the water. The DL 850 provides accurate navigation parameters measured as they happen, and this is presented in a logical, user friendly way.

Doppler technology is commonly considered the gold standard of speed measurement as it measures remotely, away from the effects caused by the vessel itself.
The DL 850 presents the critical parameters on screen and can be interfaced with bridge systems and repeaters. It can also present depth, water temperature and ROT parameters.

The DL 850 can measure the speed of the vessel through the water at all times, and over the bottom nearing 150 m of water (270 kHz version). The system includes a single sensor mounted in a Tank or Sea Valve, and using the vessel’s gyro, can predict the vessel’s longitudinal and transversal movement anywhere on the vessel.

Always there. Everywhere.