Falcon Multi-Display D1000

The Falcon II D-1000 multi-display has an updated layout for better information presentation and reading. The improved switching technology ensures optimum ease of operation. The 7” color TFT display is equipped with a high bright backlighting. The unit has preloaded software for displaying the information of connected sensors. Also, the FALCON II D-1000 has three different software skins to allow the user to individualize the appearance of the system. The backlighting is dimmable and can be switched from day to night mode.

The FALCON II D-1000 embeds software for rudder angle indicator, echo sounder, wind speed and direction, heading, rate-of-turn and pilot functions. The dimensions and connections are the same as the Sigma and Titan lines, making the products interchangeable. The multi display can be connected directly to the sensor, or in a network for flexible installation.

Falcon Multi-display
Falcon II Multi-display

Scope of Supply

  • FALCON II D-1000 display
  • Software preloaded for F100, F120, F130, F300 and F550
  • Mounting set
  • Connection set
  • Manual

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