OMC-118 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

The OMC-118 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor is used in case when an ultrasonic wind sensor is required. It is a ‘commercial off the shelf sensor’, Observator Instruments has supplied this stainless-steel instrument to several navies. Other applications where Observator applied this sensor are in general marine and offshore applications, as well as in several tunnels.

The OMC-118 can be connected to all Observator equipment like data loggers, signal conditioning units and displays using the NMEA or polar format. The OMC-118, which has a standard 0..65 m/s, is optionally also available in a 0..75 m/s range.

OMC-118 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

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Enhanced anti-icing design
Analogue outputs
NMEA output
User selectable output format
Sonic temperature
Communication software
Can be connected to the Observator display line