OMC-140: Multifunctional TFT Display for Demanding Environments

The OMC-140 is a high-performance multifunctional TFT display ideal for visualizing critical measurement data. This versatile instrument caters to a wide range of applications where dedicated monitoring of essential parameters is required.

Key Features

Comprehensive Data Visualization

The OMC-140 effectively displays wind information, meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc.), and other crucial data streams on an 8.5-inch, wide-viewing-angle touchscreen display.

Modular Design and Expandability

The modular design of the OMC-140 allows for flexible use as an intelligent signal converter. Three option slots provide the capability to integrate additional functionalities and I/O capabilities as needed.

Data Logging and Network Connectivity

The OMC-140 features a memory card slot for basic data logging, ensuring the preservation of critical information. Additionally, a LAN interface and bus connectors enable seamless network integration, facilitating data accessibility across your network.

Robust Construction and Reliable Operation

The OMC-140 boasts a 170° LCD display with a long-life, low-power LED backlight, ensuring optimal readability in diverse lighting conditions. The unit operates on a wide power supply range (90-250 VAC) with a DC version (24 VDC) available.

More Information?

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Advanced Functionality

The OMC-140 offers a comprehensive suite of features, including:

  • Dual RS422 NMEA inputs with status LEDs
  • Dual power supplies for connected sensors with status LEDs
  • NMEA output with status LED
  • Configurable data transmission to TurboWin+ via serial and LAN connections
  • Multi-level alarm handling (audible and visible)
  • Adjustable display dimming (manual, automatic, or central control)
  • Industry Certifications: The OMC-140 meets the stringent standards of DNV-GL (Type Approval Certificate: TAA00001B5) and CCS (Type Approval Certificate: LT18T00001).


The OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display is a powerful and versatile solution for demanding applications requiring real-time visualization and data logging of critical measurement information.