Enhance Navigation Safety and Situational Awareness with the Furuno FAR-3005 Chart Radar

The Furuno FAR-3005 Chart Radar is designed to elevate commercial vessel navigation safety and situational awareness. This advanced system boasts a range of features to empower captains and crew.

Uncompromised Performance:

  • Newly engineered antennas deliver exceptional durability, minimizing aerodynamic drag and temperature fluctuations for consistent operation.
  • Brushless DC motors reduce maintenance needs.
  • Ethernet connectivity between the antenna and processor units ensures minimal signal loss, resulting in superior image clarity.

Crystal-Clear Vision:

  • Solid-state radar technology produces sharp echo images, enabling easy identification of surrounding vessels and objects.
  • Improved detection of faint echoes from smaller crafts provides a comprehensive view of the maritime environment.

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Simplified User Experience:

  • Automatic clutter elimination guarantees clear target presentation on the radar display.
  • Enhanced target tracking offers valuable data for navigation and collision avoidance.
  • he intuitive user interface incorporates a Status Bar for operational awareness and an InstantAccess BarTM for swift access to frequently used functions.

Seamless Control Options:

The FAR-3005 offers two control unit options for operator preference: the RCU-025 Radar Control Unit and the RCU-026 Trackball Control Unit. The FAR-3005 features a contextual menu that dynamically displays actions relevant to the selected icon or area on the screen. This intuitive design allows for full radar operation with minimal menu navigation.


  • Highly durable antennas with superior aerodynamic and thermal performance
  • Brushless DC motors for reduced maintenance
  • Ethernet connectivity for minimal signal loss
  • Solid-state radar technology for crisp echo images
  • Enhanced detection of weaker echoes
  • Automatic clutter elimination
  • Improved target tracking
  • User-friendly interface with Status Bar and InstantAccess Bar