Furuno CSH-8L MK2 Full-Circle Scanning Sonar

The Furuno CSH-8L MK2 sonar is a full-circle scanning sonar that rapidly detects and displays individual fish, schools of fish and changing underwater conditions. Fish distribution and seabed conditions are shown in 16 colors, 360 degrees around your vessel.

The CSH-8L sonar is an 85 kHz high frequency sonar, which makes it ideal for searching near the vessel or in shallow water because of its narrow beam width and enhanced target identification capability.

Furuno CSH 8L Sonar
Furuno CSH 8L Sonar

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Omni Sonar detects and instantaneously displays schools of fish and underwater conditions
  • Black Box configuration allows for a space-saving, flexible installation
  • Variety of available monitors built to meet the needs of tournament vessels
  • The vivid 16-color display assists in recognition of seabed structure, as well as concentration/distribution of fish schools
  • At a 1,000 ft. range scan a full 360 degrees in just over 1/2 a second (even quicker at shorter ranges)
  • Various fishing and navigation data* keep the operator aware of fishing and navigation conditions
  • Four user-programmable function keys for quick set up according to fishing conditions or specific functions
  • Second display and control unit can be easily connected for a remote second station on the flybridge
  • High-power transmitter ensures reliable operation under any conditions
  • Narrow beam-width and enhanced target identification capability
  • Transducer frequency: 85kHz

* Requires appropriate sensors

Furuno CSH 8L Sonar
Furuno CSH 8L Sonar

Furuno CSH-8L Separates Fish and Bottom Echoes

Fish and bottom echoes are clearly separated, and bait fish are more easily captured. With automatic tilt scanning as a standard feature, the Furuno CSH-8L sonar is suitable for both midwater trawlers and purse seiners.

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