Furuno CI-68BB Black Box Current Indicator

Furuno CI-68 is using Furuno’s reliable acoustic technology to obtain highly accurate water current measurements. The CI-68 consists of a display unit, processor unit and transducer. The control unit and display unit can be installed separately for flexible installation.

The Furuno CI-68 is a Doppler Sonar Current Indicator designed for various types of fish and hydrographic survey vessels.

Furuno CI-88 Current indicator
Furuno CI-88 Current indicator


  • Compact 3-unit design for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Black box system configuration allows for use of optional CRT or LCD monitors
  • Continuous display of tide speed and direction at five different depth layers
  • Triple-beam system for less error in tide current detection
  • True tide current presentation with external GPS navigator and Satellite compass
  • Six display modes to discern tide movement from a variety of angles
  • High definition 10.4″ color LCD.
Furuno CI-88 Current indicator
Furuno CI-88 Current indicator

Information From Five Depth Layers

The Furuno CI-68 displays tide speed and direction at five depth layers and ship’s speed. Using this information, you can predict net shape and plan when to throw your net.

The CI-68 has a triple-beam emission system for providing highly accurate current measurement. This system greatly reduces the effects of the rolling, pitching and heaving motions, providing a continuous display of tide information.

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