Orlaco Camera Systems

Orlaco camera-monitor systems have thoroughly proved their worth, they are guaranteed to function correctly even in the most extreme (weather) conditions. For the maritime sector in particular, it is of the utmost importance that the cameras are watertight and free of condensation.

Bridge wing FWD view

The zoom cameras under the bridge wing enable the operator to maneuver the ship into locks and on narrow waterways. The camera is also used to view the bollards and to keep an eye on the crew working on deck.

Hatch crane view

Unsafe situations can occur during operation of the hatch crane. The hatch crane system improves safety during operation of this crane. Two Compact Cameras are installed on both sides of the crane. One camera provides a good view of the gangway and the other camera is aimed at the hook of the spreader. The operator can now see at all times whether the gangway is clear and if the hook is properly connected.

Engine room view

The engine room is often unmanned and there is no visual of this area. With the help of a camera, either with or without LED lighting, the operator can detect oil leakages or smoke formation early on, even before a warning is emitted by a detection system.

FWD view

The Forward view camera is used to gain an overall view of the waterways and manoeuvre the ship into a lock. This camera also eliminates the blind spot in front of the ship’s bow, making it possible to spot smaller boats in time and prevent accidents.

Anchor winch view

With the winch view camera, the operator can see if the cable is being wound onto the reel properly. It is also possible to detect any damage to the cable in good time.

Always there. Everywhere.