AP70 & AP80 Autopilot Systems

The Simrad AP70 and AP80 represent over 60 years of experience and development in the autosteering business. Simrad’s heritage extends back to the world’s first autopilot for fishing vessels in 1951 – the AP1.

The AP70 and AP80 are cost effective, reliable and user-friendly heading control systems for all vessel types. Built with the latest electronics, software and networking capabilities, these pilots are easy to install and operate, ensuring vessel operations are smarter and more competitive.

Integration with a wide range of Steering Systems

Integrating the Simrad Autopilot with a wider range of steering systems is also possible. Select one of five autopilot computers and one of three special purpose interface boxes to integrate with solenoids, pumps, analogue and proportional steering systems. The AP70 and AP80 will steer water jets, rudders, pods, stern drives, azimuth thruster and tunnel thrusters, providing flexibility across the fleet. And as all vessels have the same user interface, it is easy for crew to move between them.

With complete flexibility in mind, the Simrad AP70 and AP80 solutions are modular in design so that a system can be built to suit the individual vessel characteristics.

The well-known Work Mode on previous generations of Simrad Autopilots has been extended on AP70 and AP80 with multiple Work modes. Additionally multiple Nav and Auto Modes are provided enabling simple performance selection depending on the task at sea.
Additionally, the S-Turn pattern can now be configured as a manoeuvre to hinder pirate attacks. With the S-Turn enabled, a constant course change takes place whilst maintaining the original route.

Selecting Economy Mode provides good course keeping with minimal rudder corrections.

Always there. Everywhere.