PR-6000 ACE Upgrade

Revitalize your existing Tokyo Keiki PR-6000 Autopilot and increase efficiencies with the ACE (Automatic Control Economy/Ecology) Route Tracking Course-Control upgrade

ACE is a new course control function that automatically creates a route on the heading between the vessels current position and destination. The course control calculates outside disturbances (tides and (trade)wind to give the best rudder control making it possible for the vessel to steer the most efficient route and thus providing fuel cost savings.

ACE versus HCS


  • Reduction in fuel consumption (about 1~2%)
  • Reducing course line deviation from tides and (trade)wind
  • Operates the same as normal Heading Control (HCS)
  • Easy changeover between normal Heading Control and ACE
  • Simle installation and integration with GPS and Speedlog
  • Saves voyage time and increases safety

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