Radio Zeeland TITAN 500 Combipilot

The Radio Zeeland TITAN 500 is a compact autopilot. This unit contains a Rate Of Turn indicator and Rudder Angle Indicator in the same housing, saving valuable installation space. The TITAN-500 operates in combination with the TITAN-650 control unit. This autopilot is used when there is a lack of installation space in the wheelhouse. The TITAN-650 steering levers are small enough to even fit in the armrest of your chair, creating flexible and user-friendly system.

LCD display

The small LCD display in the middle of the analogue gauges also provides a digital read out of the data. This ensures a quick and orderly overview of the provided data. General information, feedback, alarms and functions are also indicated on the LCD display.

Radio Zeeland TITAN 500 Combipilot
Radio Zeeland Falcon 650
Falcon 650 Steering lever


The Radio Zeeland TITAN 500 display unit is fitted with a dimming system. This unit can be dimmed synchronized with the rest of the Radio Zeeland DMP system. The unit can also be dimmed externally.

Colored lighting

The dial of the TITAN-500 display unit is illuminated with LED- backlighting. The color of the lighting can be set to three different colors, Red, Yellow or Blue, creating a night view adjustable to personal preferences.


The TITAN-500 autopilot is a full worthy pilot but can be expanded if desired. Additional Rate of Turn or Rudder Angle Indicators can be connected, as well as a fluxgate compass, and additional TITAN-650 units.


As with the TITAN 550, the TITAN 500 is connected to the P-503 junction box which is in its turn connected to the P-100 and P-300 sensors for rate of turn and rudder angle indication.

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