Radio Zeeland titan 550 Autopilot

The Radio Zeeland Titan 550 operating unit is one of the Radio Zeeland DMP autopilots. Along with the P-503 junction box, the TITAN-100 rudder angle indicator and an optional TITAN-300 rate of turn indicator, the TITAN-550 is a complete autopilot set. This system has the unique possibility to be connected to any approved Rate of Turn Indicator, by use of the P-503 Junction box and P-100 Sensor.

In some cases, it is desirable to expand your pilot with either extra indicators or repeaters, this all lies within the possibilities with the TITAN-550. Whether it’s one or more additional TITAN-550 or TITAN-650 devices, your wheelhouse will be expandable in numerous ways when installing the TITAN-550 autopilot.

Radio Zeeland Titan 550
Radio Zeeland Titan 550

LCD Display with colored lighting

The buttons and indicators of the TITAN-550 are illuminated with EL- backlighting. The TITAN-550 is fitted with a dimming system, which can be synchronized with the rest of the Radio Zeeland DMP system.

The small LCD display provides a digital read out of the rudder angle, alarms, functions and indications. This ensures a quick and orderly overview of the provided data.

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