TITAN-550 Autopilot

The Radio Zeeland DMP TITAN line is a completely new navigation line which combines proven techniques with the modern day technology. The TITAN line is based upon its predecessors, the Falcon and Sigma line and combines the analogue and digital techniques into an extremely versatile navigation line. The new TITAN line is suitable for the new build as well as the replacement market.

The TITAN-550 operating unit is one of the Radio Zeeland DMP autopilots. Along with the P-503 junction box, the TITAN-100 rudder angle indicator and an optional TITAN-300 rate of turn indicator the TITAN-550 is a complete autopilot set. This system has the unique possibility to be connected to any approved Rate Of Turn Indicator, by use of the P-503 Junction box and P-100 Sensor. This is made possible because the Rudder Angle is indicated on the TITAN-550’s OLED display.


With the TITAN-550 there are three possible ways to steer the vessel. That is by R.O.T. pilot, by follow up steering, or by an auxiliary pilot.


In some cases it is desirable to expand your pilot with either extra indicators or repeaters, this all lies within the possibilities with the TITAN-550. Whether its one or more additional TITAN-550 or TITAN-650 devices, your wheelhouse will be expandable in numerous ways when installing the TITAN-550 autopilot.

Colored lighting

The buttons and indicators of the TITAN-550 are illuminated with EL- backlighting. The TITAN-550 is fitted with a dimming system, which can be synchronized with the rest of the Radio Zeeland DMP system.

OLED display

The small OLED display provides a digital read out of the rudder angle, alarms, functions and indications. This ensures a quick and orderly overview of the provided data.

Always there. Everywhere.