Radio Zeeland Titan 100 Rudder Angle Indicator

The Radio Zeeland TITAN 100 rudder angle indicator set is extremely reliable and has proven its value throughout years of service. The TITAN-100 display unit can be set to personal preferences and can be used as a standalone device, in combination with the autopilot and as a repeater.

The small LCD display in the middle of the analogue gauge provides a digital read-out. This ensures a quick and orderly overview of the provided data. General information, feedback and functions are also indicated on the LCD display.

Radio Zeeland Titan 100
Radio Zeeland Titan 100

Sensors & Dimming

The TITAN-100 is operating with a P-100 smart rudder angle sensor. The P-100 can indicate all rudder angles without the use of sliding contacts. Because of the contactless rudder angle indication, the P-100 has a long and reliable lifespan.

The TITAN-100 display unit is fitted with a dimming system. When used as a repeater, the dimming of the main unit and the repeater can be synchronized.

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