FALCON-560 PATH Pilot Package

The Falcon Line is a revolution in inland shipping navigation. In combination with the smart MultiHUB ethernet connector, data can be displayed all over the vessel. The Falcon Line is exchangeable with the SIGMA Line.

When you need replacement of your existing navigation equipment, do not hesitate to use the Falcon Line concept.

The Falcon 560 offers follow-up and rate-of-turn based autopilot functionality and a pathpilot. The package is formed by the F560 pilot and the F561 follow-up/ ROT / path pilot lever, a junction box, smart-gyro with 90/300 degrees changeover and the smart rudder angle sensor. The dedicated pathpilot communication runs continuously between the Falcon 560 and inland ECDIS. Standard equipped with the full set of software on rudders, depths, wind, compass, autopilots and rate-of-turn visualization.


The system is suitable for proportional and on/off steering gears. The set only requires a suitable electronic chart platform and a suitable DGPS compass sensor.


The FALCON-560 is operates with the S-100 smart rudder angle sensor and the P-300 Rate Of Turn sensor. The S-100 indicates all rudder angles without the use of sliding contacts, resulting in a long and reliable lifespan.


The FALCON-100 and 300 display units and the FALCON-560 are fitted with a dimming system. These units can be dimmed synchronized. Even when the displays are used as repeater units, the dimming of the main unit and the repeater can be synchronized.

The FALCON-560 is approved under number E-04-102

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